Prices are as follows:

R65 per unit Botox
average used for frown lines is 20 units, crows feet 20 units, forehead lines 10, miscellaneous areas 5 each, brow lift 5, very rough guide, varies from individual to individual. Men need more.

Assessment R500 (if no treatment undertaken) includes recommended 12 month treatment plan.

R2-3k average for fillers per area (depends on volume used) can be less, maximal effective treatment tailored to client’s budget, so we can get a lot more bang for sometimes as little as R500 worth of fillers.

So a liquid facelift (Botox and fillers) can be from about R5k upwards, don’t need to do all at once.

Chemical peels R1100 average

After-care and home products available to match peels

Leg veins R950 per leg/30 minutes, 475 for 15 minutes or less.


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